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Virtue will be available on the apps and

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The drama of her entire clan insisting on living close to one another was the reason Calla joined the Alliance team. She loved her family and clan but needed to see more than limited territory. It wasn’t exciting being on the coordination team, but she was on the road and seeing new places. 

When asked to do more to help the teams track down those responsible for the abduction and imprisonment of their kind, Calla agreed without hesitation. 

She takes a chance when she has the opportunity to get closer to the traitors who betrayed their clan. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. Now, all she must do is figure out where to go from here— without getting herself killed in the process. 


Bear’s childhood was not fun. His parents clearly hadn’t thought through naming their lion-shifter son Bear. As an adult, he’d come to realize that all the taunting had taught him that a sense of humor was better than fighting everyone. 

Since joining the Alliance teams, he’d had to work hard even to find a reason to smile. The atrocities shifters from all clans had suffered because of one-forms and traitors made him sick. After the teams accomplished some huge wins, he decided he was in this until all his kind were free. He was proud to do his part. 

Of course, if he happened to meet his mate while he traveled with the others, that was fine by him. He always wondered what sort of personality fate would give his other half and couldn’t wait to find out. If she was like other women of his clan, that was all right too; he was a patient, accepting man. 

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