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Her song renewed his hope.


Born in captivity and kept in a tank, like an animal, Terah has never seen the outside world. She knows nothing of clan life or the odd rituals of normal behavior. Rescued, she is transported to a place where she gets to swim freely in water that isn’t surrounded by walls of glass—for the first time in her life. She had only ever heard about water like this from her mother and had never dreamt she would one day feel it flow over her. She doesn’t know that she’s different, even from her own kind or that by her very existence, she gives them all hope for the future.


With the water clan near-extinct, Konner continues to search the globe for members forced into hiding to survive. Each time he finds another empty lake, he feels the pains of what his people have gone through.


When one of his clan is rescued from the Tomas organization’s cruelty, he thinks maybe there’s a small chance that more of them are being kept as entertainment. With renewed hope, he sets things in motion to search for them. 


In Jacqueline Paige's Animal Senses Series, hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.


Animal shifters live among normal humans (one-forms) and have since the dawn of time. They blend in without any cause for notice until a crime organization finds out and starts hunting them to sell off across the globe.



The shifter alliance is formed to protect all their kind. Their teams are working endlessly to rescue all of theirs from lives of servitude and shutting down any involvement in the underground organization.

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