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Release schedule:

The books and covers listed here may change (appearance and order) check back often. 

Screenshot 2023-09-24 070857.png

June 4
Book 14 Animal Senses Series

Screenshot 2024-04-20 134837.png

Book 15-17 
Animal Senses Series

(novella length)
Will be released during the summer '24
more details soon

July 16th
Solrelm Series Book 4
(Realms book #15)

Violet sunrise ereader.jpg

August 27

Violet Sunrise book 1 FaTerra 

(Realms book #16)

Dates and order are subject to change


October 8

Hope book 18 Animal Senses Series

November 19

White Dawn book 2 FaTerra

Other Titles

*Reborn book 5 Solrelm Series

*Grace  book 19 Animal Senses Series

*Crescent Moon book 3 Gemini League

*Boreal Desires - Magic Seasons book 6

*Stay Hidden 

* there is no set date for these titles at this time. List will be updated once schedule is set. 

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