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*Being a female shouldn’t mean you are less capable.*


It was twenty-one years ago when Blair lost his birth family, and it took that long for him to understand why.  Raised in a clan with a commitment to their kind with an unshakable belief that they must be protected from all threats, Blair is tasked with rescuing and protecting those endangered by his birth clan. 


Kobie, the last surviving member of the Alpha Family, is now protecting and leading the remaining women and children threatened and damaged by the clan struggles.  But not knowing left her at a disadvantage, her father’s protection and secrecy left her unprepared, and the truth of the situation is laden with dangers and surprises. 


Kobie may be handicapped by the lack of information her father never shared, but her entire life has been dedicated to being more and better.  She won’t be pushed aside for a male hunter, fighter, or protector, and after proving her worth time and time again and securing the trust of the women and children, she's faced with the difficult choice to step aside and allow Blair to help them.  Perhaps the two can find a way to work together for the good of them all.  


In Jacqueline Paige's Animal Senses Series, hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.


Animal shifters live among normal humans (one-forms) and have since the dawn of time. They blend in without any cause for notice until a crime organization finds out and starts hunting them to sell off across the globe.



The shifter alliance is formed to protect all their kind. Their teams are working endlessly to rescue all of theirs from lives of servitude and shutting down any involvement in the underground organization.

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