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Failure isn’t an option.


It only takes one thing to change the path of a child’s life.

If no one steps in for them, the consequences can have long-term impacts, and the outcome is usually not favorable.

Zain Sanders had one of those moments when he was nine. Since then, he’s been hidden, protected, and prepared for when it all fell apart.

He can’t ask his friends for their help—he already made that mistake years ago and won’t put anyone else at risk.

This time, he’s going to end it for good. He just needs to pull off three impossible tasks to do it.


An outsider to her clan, she has been left on her own, constantly moving from one area to another so they can’t find her and take her back home.

She’s had so many names she can’t remember what her real name is. This year, it’s Oaklyn Mays—next year, it could be different.

She’s gotten good at staying off the radar of the men who want to bring her home and those who hunt her kind. No one is deciding her future for her.

After an accident three years ago, she could have died. If it hadn’t been for one man, she would have. When he calls her with a task he can’t ask anyone else to do, she jumps at the chance to pay her debt to him.

She won’t let anything get in her way. Failing isn’t a possibility she will accept.

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