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She left as a child and returned a woman armed with knowledge. 


Eighteen years ago, his life changed forever. His world was broken, and there was nothing that could fix it. 


Since that day, Asher has been working toward one objective, find those that killed his family and erase their lives.


His work on one of the Shifter Alliance teams has brought his goal within reach—with every location they hit, he's closer to finding those responsible. 


Journee Snow never fit in with the children in her clan. She was more interested in hiding in the shadows and studying others than she was in playing tag or with dolls. 


When armed men caught several clan families off guard and took the young children, her sister included, Journee followed them and stowed away for a long trip to some remote island. 


Now, eighteen years later, she's made her way back to her clan with information that she will only share with her Alpha or the King himself. 


In Jacqueline Paige's Animal Senses Series, hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.


Animal shifters live among normal humans (one-forms) and have since the dawn of time. They blend in without any cause for notice until a crime organization finds out and starts hunting them to sell off across the globe.



The shifter alliance is formed to protect all their kind. Their teams are working endlessly to rescue all of theirs from lives of servitude and shutting down any involvement in the underground organization.

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