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After a life of turmoil, she puts her trust in one man.




Dedicating his life to the Alliance, helping to rescue those under the control of a crime family that is terrorizing his kind, Jesse is determined to root out the rot in their world and bring home all those taken.


Clans are disappearing all over the map and his team is sent to find any remaining. Discovering one who lived through the horrors of her captivity, he’s now got a new mission: protect her from all that could harm her: even herself.  


After surviving the horrors of her early years, her grandparents keep her hidden. Isolated for years, Leah is unaware of how clan life should be. When the last elder in her clan passes away, she is left on her own in the secluded location, where she must endure the hard living.


A strange man comes up the mountain and finds her, she’s terrified he won’t understand that she’s broken inside. He promises her help, but she must find the courage to go with him.


She isn’t sure she is strong enough to do what is needed—but what she’s known can’t be all that life has to offer her, can it? 




In Jacqueline Paige's Animal Senses Series, hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.


Animal shifters live among normal humans (one-forms) and have since the dawn of time. They blend in without any cause for notice until a crime organization finds out and starts hunting them to sell off across the globe.



The shifter alliance is formed to protect all their kind. Their teams are working endlessly to rescue all of theirs from lives of servitude and shutting down any involvement in the underground organization.

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