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July 16th 2024 

 Print release TBA

Having a prince in your realm for a best friend as a child had its perks, and you were never in trouble for long when plans went a little sideways. Growing up and becoming the Royal Guard for that friend had fewer advantages—unless that prince was the wild, unpredictable rebel that Bastian was. 

They’d had a few centuries in their time together that had a dull decade here and there, but every other second was always a hanging-by-a-thread adventure. The constant motion had Tor programmed for action now, and he discovered he didn’t idle any better than his friend did.

With free time on his hands now that Bastian was finally with his long-awaited other, Tor volunteered to help the Alterealm Royals work in other realms as they hunted down the morons responsible for the idiotic plan that would end all realms. There wasn’t anything left to surprise him after being dragged into things with the prince, so he knew he was prepared for everything they encountered. 


Soren was tired of teaching the teens how to use their birthright. It wasn’t that she didn’t find it rewarding to see the excitement on their young faces. She loved that part. She was fed up with being the King’s best-kept secret. Her half-brother was a privileged prince and could do anything, anytime he wanted.  

She didn’t care about recognition, the over-stuffed throne, or even that her last name was not her father's—all she wanted was to experience something new and to feel useful. 

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