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Her soul has the answers to centuries of secrets.




A centuries-old prince in his realm meant one thing to Bastian--boredom. The tedious, bland life of royalty came with unending rules that he was supposed to abide by. He wasn't big on following rules, guidelines, or even strong suggestions that were for his own good.


Despite being told he should only be in the human realm to collect souls, he wasn't able to stay away. Humans fascinated him, he couldn’t get enough of watching the things they did.  If he hadn't ignored the monotonous reminders from his two elder brothers about the other realm, he wouldn't have stumbled on the massive deceptions that had been hidden from him and his people for so long. If it took him until his last breath was drawn and his time expired, he was going to resolve the atrocities that had been done to his realm and the conspiracies that tormented all of the realms. 


To the absolute delight of his rebellious side, not only did he find the impossible, but he found her. the woman whose soul had been evading him through the centuries. 


Nova didn't know why she was different, or how she ended up safeguarding a soul that seemed to never be reborn but instead lived on from body to body, but she did know that she was going to find the answers. No matter what it took. She had endless journals from the previous bodies that this soul lived in, and she knew they held clues and she was determined to figure them out. She was tired of hiding and not knowing why she had to. This body planned to find all the answers--just as soon as she figured out why a man that never aged was mentioned in the diaries kept appearing and why she was warned to avoid him.

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