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Abe’s father and siblings had no idea what they were and spent centuries trying to stay invisible while they searched for answers. Over two hundred years later, they find out they are part of a royal family from another realm. Another realm, one of six that no one knows exists.


Now that he’s there, a different world is not even the strangest thing in his life—witches, Mages, and other abilities he would never have thought of is now part of his everyday life. Despite being uncomfortable with that, Abe agrees to help his newfound family clean up the mess caused centuries earlier.


In assisting his family with their tasks, Abe hopes that somewhere along the way, he'll find more answers about the images in his head that are older than he is—he’s almost certain they are the prehistoric kind of older. What does that make him? Why is it him and not his family?


Liri was anything but a compliant, agreeable woman. Trapped in Solrelm for decades, she doesn't hesitate when there's a chance to go to other realms and help find traitors that duped her own people into believing lies that were slowly causing her race to become extinct. If that had happened, human souls would have been lost forever, and their existence would dwindle until there were no more.


While avoiding her parents and what is expected of her in Solrelm, she finds her place with the Alterealm royals, working hard to find those responsible for the lies and the larger scheme that would have ended more than one race. When she finds out about the abandoned women and children, because of the lies, she decides to make it her mission to find them and help them, no matter the cost or what her family expects of her.

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