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Reeling from the discovery that his kind can have a mate from other realms. This finding also reveals many abandoned children fathered by their kind. They didn’t ask to be deserted and he won’t rest until all of them are taken care of.


Together with the help of other realms, they try to unravel the mystery of who is behind the deceitful lies that began several thousand years ago. His flashbacks from his long life, through countless eras have been getting worse, and he begins to wonder if somewhere within those memories are answers they are searching for.


While at home in Solrelm, Trendan must continue to pretend everything is unchanged. It seems to get more complicated each day, but he remains confident he will get through it—until fate decides it’s time to reveal his soul’s other to him. Now he has no idea which direction he should go.


For the last twenty years, Jeri has lived in the safety of the Gemini League women’s company. She’ll always be grateful for Capri finding her and taking her off the streets. The woman she is today is a far cry from the dirty, half-starved young teen that she was. At that point in her life, she didn’t even know what she was, never mind how to survive.


Today, she knows what her mixed DNA has brought her and exactly how to use it. The next chapter of her life is out there waiting for her. All she must do is find the courage to leave Capri’s safe haven and go out and get it.

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