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Dark magic, bound centuries ago by young Salem witches to ensure the safety of all has awakened. Unaware of their family histories, three modern women are all that stand between black magic and the havoc it would cause in today’s world where pure intentions are rare.

When a string of strange happenings turns out to be magic gifted to her by a relative three centuries earlier, Kat’s entire world changes. While it’s epic that such a thing exists, she begins to wonder if she was truly meant to hold such power. She is the last person that should have the responsibility of something so compelling. Her impatience and spontaneous decisions will either help her in the task set before her or cause a chain reaction that affects all.


Mitchell has lived his entire life aware of magic and what can be done with it. He is good at it and spent years excelling in all aspects of his teachings. Living in the shadow of a wealthy family has never been to his advantage. After years of trying to earn the respect of his peers, he stops trying and follows his heart.


When he meets the second descendant from those young girls from that fateful night three hundred years ago, everything he’s gone through in his life to be there in that moment makes it all worth it. She is amazing, uniquely unusual, and absolutely perfect for him. All he has to do is help her be prepared for what lies ahead when she stops dark magic from prevailing.

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