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For three, it will be the last time.

Dark magic, bound centuries ago by young Salem witches to ensure the safety of all, has awakened. Three modern women are all that stand between black magic and the havoc it would cause in today’s world, where pure intentions are rare.

Ann has spent her entire life keeping the magic inside her hidden. Like those before her, she dreads the time that is to come when what lies within her would be needed to keep the balance. She’s not afraid of the responsibility but decides that the possibility of the power battle would stop with her if she were the last of her bloodline. Her plan was perfect until recent events with her friends set everything in motion and took away any option of prevention.

Wes has spent years working with the three descendants of the young witches centuries before. He’d been schooled, trained, and prepared to aid them in any way they needed when the time came. With the fight looming, he discovers they are more powerful than any he’d ever known. Has the Brotherhood coven been wasting their time for the last three hundred years, or will he have a use after all?

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