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Chapter One


Staring at the empty vitamin water bottle in her hand, Kat gave it a tap, “You better do your magic.” She pitched it into the recycling box. She woke up today feeling like she hadn’t slept. She had, but a weird dream had made sure it wasn’t a peaceful sleep. Even Ann had agreed it was strange when she’d called her while driving to work.


Sighing, she glanced at the clock. Hopefully, she wasn’t coming down with what Teegan had. There was no time to be sick right now. Too much to do with an extra publication starting up. If they’d let her go to more off-site shoots, this lighting mess wouldn’t have happened and she wouldn’t be behind before the day began. Who would she talk to about that? Bossman Wes would just say to discuss it with Teegan. Teeg would say she had to consult the boss man…


She hopped off the desk and turned to go down the hall to her studio. She was skilled with a camera, and her photos were spectacular, but something was lost having to do so many in a studio setting. Stopping, Kat watched Ann walk out of the kitchen with two cups. That only meant one thing. Teegan was back.


Heading quickly to Teeg’s office, Kat rushed in. “You’re back.” Moving by the giant Mister McKay, she leaned over her desk. She looked fine. Why was it that when Teegan got sick, she still looked like a goddess, but if it was Kat, she’d have puffy eyes and a red nose for a week after? “You missed so much. What a crappy time to get strep throat.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “Broomilda’s gone. She didn’t even come and get her stuff, just quit.” She snorted. “Good riddance, nasty.”


Teegan smiled and looked at Mister McKay and then Wes. “Wes told me.”


Turning, she glared at Wes, “Kill joy. You ruined my fun.” He didn’t even look repent.


Ann came in with the two cups and set one on Teegan’s desk. “Tea with a touch of lemon.” She looked Teegan over. “Are you sure you’re not pushing it coming back? You sounded dreadful on the phone the other night.” Ann perched on the edge of the desk and sipped her coffee.


“I feel great.” Teegan picked up the cup and blew on the hot liquid. “Thank you.”


Wes got up and both the men started for the door.


“Oh, Kat, did you tell Teegan about your crazy dream?” Ann laughed. “I think she needs a holiday or something.”


Straightening up, Kat looked at Ann. “I do not need a holiday or something.” Taking a sharp breath, she turned back to Teegan. It may have ruined her rest, but her dream was epically weird, Teeg would get a kick out of it. “Swear to God, Teeg, it was the most bizarre dream ever.” Taking a deep breath, she continued, “You were in it, I don’t normally dream about women. A big muscular, naked…” she glanced over her shoulder to see the men standing there. “Anyway, I swear it was you, only younger.” She remembered Celia. “And Broomhilda was in it.” Shaking her head, she shrugged, “Probably just riding the love of her being gone and all, but anyway, she was younger too, but I know it was her because that color of hair sticks in your mind forever.” She waved her hands around, trying to remember more details. “Her hair was longer, and I hate to say it but she looked way better than that short butchy looking cut she wears…”


Ann sighed, “Finish the dream part, we all know you’re happy Celia is gone.”


“Right.” Kat nodded. “So usually when I dream, I’m in it, but I wasn’t in this one. I will never eat Benter’s mysterious soup again, it’s probably got some sort of hallucinogen in it. Crazy dude that he is. Where was I?” She nodded, finding her place, again. “This is where it gets wacked, not only were you and broomhilda in it, but my grandmother was too. I mean how weird is that? Swear it was her, just like the picture on my parent’s mantle. They say I get her curls, but who would know? Every picture of her it’s pulled back so tight her eyebrows look like a Vulcan’s.” She chuckled. “How messed up is that shit?” She tucked her hands in her pockets and nodded to Teegan, who had a weird look on her face, which wasn’t surprising it was a strange dream.


“That’s the whole dream? Were we doing anything?” She finally asked.


Crossing her arms, she tried to recall more. “I don’t know, playing by a lake or something. It was like a silent movie, no sound.” A chill ran over her. Okay, that part made it a bit creepy, like she was a stalker or something. That was ridiculous. How could she be a stalker in her own dream?


Teegan looked odd and rubbed a hand over her brow, maybe she did come back to work too soon.


Ann laughed softly again. “I think you better avoid Benter’s diner for a while.”


Teegan grinned wide to that.


“Yeah.” Kat tucked her hands into her pockets and smirked. “Guess you had to be there to appreciate the strangeness of it.” Sighing, she glanced at the clock. “Well, I’m off to beat that punk lighting kid I’m forced to put up with. He completely ruined the whole shoot yesterday and now I have to put up with those stupid jocks all over again.” Nodding at Teegan, she turned to leave then stopped and looked Wes and Mister-board-member up and down. “You know, just because I don’t have a penis doesn’t mean I should drool over those that do.” Nodding abruptly at them she walked out to go get this over with.



Stopping outside the door, Mitchell watched a tiny woman practically run down the hall, her brown curls bouncing along with the movement. He was so happy to be here and finally meet people that were a part of this.


“Okay then,” A blonde lady came out of Teegan’s office, “I think that’s all the pre-work entertainment I can deal with this morning.”


He stood there, not sure if he should knock or walk right in.


“It’s starting.” He heard Teegan say. “And its Kat.”


He moved over to look in the door.


“Did you know it was Kat?” Teegan looked from Wes to Leland. “Of course, you knew it was her.” She covered her mouth and closed her eyes. What had her this upset? Opening them, she dropped her hand. “None of us will survive this.”


“Survive what?” Mitch stepped into the room.


“Gods, help me,” Wes smacked his hand over his heart and went over and sat on the couch.


Mitchell pointed back out into the hallway, “The woman at the reception told me to come here.” He smiled at Teegan. “So, here I am.” He stood there and looked at her for a moment, still amazed by what he’d seen her do. He’d seen magic in his life, done some impressive things himself, but what she had done—phenomenal barely covered it.


“Stop standing there grinning at her like a new toy, Mitch.” Leland grumbled.


Teegan gave him an odd look, then motioned to the chair. “Please, sit.”


He glanced at Wes who he sat on the couch, he wore his usual expression, of annoyance. Sitting in the offered chair, he smiled at Teegan again. “What aren’t we going to survive?”


Huffing out a breath, she went behind her desk and sat down. “Kat being one of the descendants.”


“Oh?” He looked to Wes for more information, even he looked apprehensive. “Why?” turning, back to her, he shoved his glasses up and quirked an eyebrow at her. “Why is this bad?”


Pursing her lips, she exhaled and gave him a wide-eyed smile, “Kat is…”


“Like a tidal wave contained in a petite body.” Wes supplied.


Mitch wasn’t sure what that meant exactly. “But—she’s good, right, not some evil incarnate gone wrong?” He looked from Teegan back at Wes once more.


Wes rubbed a hand over his jaw, nodding slowly. “Yeah, she’s good, just…” He heaved a sigh, “she’s a bit blunt, and not gentle in her…” he waved a hand around and looked to Teegan for help again.


“She’s very exuberant.” Teegan supplied.


Leland snorted and then chuckled, “that’s one way to put it.”


“Energy is good.” Mitch leaned back in the chair. They had him worried this was going to be hard and the next descendant was an aberration and not like her ancestor. He closed his eyes for a second and thought of the genealogy chart. “So, she’s the descendant of Eden.”


“Yes.” Wes nodded.


“Well all right then.” He glanced back to Teegan. “Does she know or is it just starting?” Mitch was still a little put out that they hadn’t let him come and watch the process when Teegan was going through it, but at least he’d get to see the next few. It was all very fascinating, how Alana had managed to send the powers of those girls to very distant relatives…


“Stop doing that.”


He jolted at Wes’ annoyed tone. “Sorry, just thinking.”


“You’re always thinking,” Leland told him.


“How are we working this? I kept meaning to ask but didn’t get to it.” Teegan smiled at Leland, then looked back to Mitch. “Are you a board member? How are we explaining you being here?” She motioned her hand around the office.


Shoving his glasses up, he smirked, “I guess I do need to have some sort of function, can’t just wander around the building with no purpose.” He frowned, “I’m not really a board member, a working one like Leland is…” he glanced to see Leland giving him a blank stare. “Uh, I don’t know what purpose I could have.” He offered Teegan a smile.


“Well, with the new publication I’m sure we can find, ah, something for you to do,” She nodded, then looked to Wes.


“His family owns the company,” Wes told her, then sat back and crossed his arms over his chest.


Leland perched on the edge of her desk and nodded. “If I’m not mistaken, they own the building too.”


“I guess you can do whatever you like.” Teegan laughed softly.


He hated using his family name or their money for anything. Cool toys were the exception. “I’ll find something to do to be useful.” Mitch brushed his hair back out of his eyes. He should have gotten it trimmed before coming to an office, but he’d been so stoked with finally getting to meet the women—his hair would just have to keep him falling over his glasses. “I’m pretty good with graphics and…”


“No.” Wes got up, “we’ve finally got Ann in a happy state after the Celia thing.”


“That’s true.” Leland agreed.


“Okay, I’m good with gadgets.” He ignored Wes and Leland rolling their eyes. One time—just one time he makes a mistake and showed up for the guys’ weekend with a state-of-the-art RV and things go awry and they were still holding it against him.


Teegan tapped her hand on the folders in front of her. “Kat actually has been having problems with the new intern and she has a lot of shoots to get done this week.”


“Photography. Sweet, I can help there.” He started to stand, then paused, “so we’re going to meet outside the office to talk about things?”


Teegan nodded. “Yes. After work.”


Nodding, he got up and went toward the door. “Sounds good, I’ve been helping Kale dig into some of it, so we’ll go over it then.” Stopping at the door he realized he had no idea where he was going. “So where am I going?”


“I’ll take you.” Wes sighed and motioned for him to go out the door.


“Sweet.” He smiled at Teegan and gave Leland a nod.

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