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Dark magic, bound centuries ago by young Salem witches to ensure the safety of all has awakened. Unaware of their family histories, three modern women are all that stand between black magic and the havoc it would cause in today’s world where pure intentions are rare.

As Teegan learns of the legacy of her ancestors, and that she will be the one to stand between the innocent and chaos, she isn’t sure she can do it. She wasn’t born to fight evil. She doesn’t even know if she believes in magic, white or black.

Her entire life she was led to believe her family had a hereditary illness that affected the mind—now that she knows it was because of one young ancestor’s enchantment, to pass it from mother to daughter through the generations until now, she trains hard to be able to do what needs to be done.


Will that be enough? If she stops the first descendant carrying the darkness, will that be the end of it or is there more to come?


Leland has been part of the brotherhood since birth, as was his father, grandfather, and many generations before him. He has one job on this earth, to help the descendant of Alana hone the magic inside her. If he fails, all of mankind will suffer the consequences. He’s prepared for this all of his life, but the one thing he couldn’t anticipate is the way his magic reacts to Teegan’s or how hard he has to fight it to help her complete what she was born to do.

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