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Beltane the season for renewal of life, love and danger…



Step into a world of magic and passion…

A group of friends come together to dance the Maypole


Take a dash of spice, a pinch of herbs

Soft candlelight and resonant drums

Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly

Toss in a killer that’s targeting women…


      To the outside world she is just Leena Duncan.  A gentle woman with a troubled past, yet none know her full story. Her ability to control the elements and her knowledge of plants make her magic strong and unbreakable. It’s just too bad that she’s closed off her heart to not risk it again, having learned that horrors are possible, even with those who claim to love you. It only takes one man at the rainy Beltane celebration to change her outlook, and one killer to endanger her world. 


    Owen Grey, a well-known fantasy author, has returned to his childhood home to set down roots and reacquaint himself with old friends. Learning that magic is, in fact, possible, the second revelation is the one woman who calls to him: body, soul and heart. Even more surprising, he learns that with a simple touch he can relieve pain and lift emotional burdens, it just doesn’t help him deal with his own past.   While he may write about happily ever after, he knows it only as fiction. Until her. 


With a killer targeting celebrants at these small pagan gatherings, leaving two bodies in warning, this little group of friends who welcomed him with open arms, are at risk if they don’t find the killer. 

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