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The Shifter Alliance Team lists

In case you're having trouble keeping the teams straight, I thought I'd get a list of them posted.  At times I have to look at the list to keep track.  Some of these are not in books, yet, but who knows what the future holds in our shifter world.  


(clan type in brackets) I will update this as we meet the team member


* denotes a female, because with the names, sometimes I can't remember when I'm typing fast and watching the scenes playout in my head

HQ - Alliance Headquarters

Arcadia - Devin's campgrounds

The Sanctuary - Konner's Clan lands

The Center - medical facility (captives go to for assessment)


Clan co-ordination team

Jesse Pruitt (leopard)

Zain Sanders (wolf)

*Amari Hughes (cougar)

Asher Hayes (cheetah)

*Deva Weller (lynx)

Webb Barrios (blk bear) 

Foster Ellas (coyote)

 *Giana Marin  (fox)

 *Calla Hart (lioness)



Incursion Team

*Wynter Carr (polar bear)

Deacon Parrish (maned wolf)

Konner Flores (water clan)

Beck Pearson 

Calder Henry 

York Meyers 

   Jett Todd 

 Nox Marin (fox)

*Quinn Greene 

  *Sloane Travis




Special Ops Team

Kenzo Dean (snow leopard)

Tripp Carson (cougar)

Leyton Weaver 

Keaton Berry 

Galvan Khan 

*Blaise Morgan (tiger) 

*Eaton Lofton 

    Luka Bell 

     *Xia Langa 

      Sacha Rowland 




Surveillance Team

Uri Welton (grey owl)

Zander Sparks 

*Sydney Thea 

Gideon Ryan (hawk)

Tait May (fox)

*Hadleigh Moore 

Berke Russo 

Cy Evans (jaguar)

  Kesler Young 

  *Evony Morris 




Retrieval Team

Devin Addison (wolf)

*Rayne Andrews (wolf)

Calum Dante (jaguar)

*Shaelan Black (jaguar)

Blair Elden (tiger)

*Kobie Sorum (tiger)

Noah Reyes (tiger)

Jesse Pruitt (leopard)

* Leah/Evanna Cardenas (leopard) 

  Bear Archer (lion)

     Creed Summers (crown eagle)




Clean up team

Kaid Rivera (blk wolf)

Ender Silva 

*Sutton Drew

Brant Saunders 

*Kelii Horne 

Eren Nath 

Marsh Anderson 

      *Xana McGee 

     Vail Dey 

          Morley Swain 




Tech team

Nate Howe 

Illias Roman (wolf) 

*Andi Gill 

*Fallan Norris (caracal) 

Dane Moyer 

*Nola Lynch

Tyrell Combs 

Torin Wyatt 




Alliance Security

Raymond Hardy (kodiak bear)

*Pasha Abbott (cheetah)

Graham Watts (snow leopard)

Barack Santiago 

*Carina Costa 

Kash Mitchell 

Slater Robinson 

Trey Shaw 

Yori Hansen 

*Roxie Burgess 




International Team

Taggart Steele  (lynx)

Demir Pradham 

Dobry Pradham 

Efem Noor 

Kevan Salem 

Lars Osman 

Raul Tamka 

Rosh Prasad 

Roque Yadav 

Niklaus Alves 



Medical Team

Dr. Collins

Shaelan (jaguar)

Mika (tiger)

Nichelle (tiger)





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