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Aurora wanted to live life her way. She may have been born with an animal living inside her, but it brought her no advantage or joy. In fact, it had brought her nothing but misery since the first time her body had shifted into a large fur-covered feline creature.


After figuring out how to live without that part of her controlling her life, she settled in the city and started to build the life she wanted. For a short time, she thought she’d succeeded, until she noticed she was being followed and then witnessed a woman that resembled her being abducted, only to be murdered and discarded because they weren’t Aurora.


With no other choice, she goes to stay with her uncle in the middle of nowhere until she can find a way to live safely where she wants. 


Jake loved being a shifter. The freedom it gave him to race around, moving faster than two legs ever would, was the best thing ever.


If it weren’t for Ed and Beth taking him in when he was little after his family disappeared while on a trip back home, his life could have ended up much differently. He could have had to live the horrific way many of his kind did. Because of normal man, or one-forms, his kind were sold as pets and slaves. That was no way for anybody to live, normal or not. 


He was so proud of his friends for fighting to prevent that from ever happening again. To his surprise, he even enjoyed doing his part to help the alliance. In his opinion, every free shifter out there should do their part to help everyone who could be free and have a life without looking over their shoulders and fear of being taken. 

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