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What if your soulmate was born in a different realm?

The Alterealm Series is a paranormal romance in a fantasy, otherworld setting with plenty of action and fate to decide their destinies. 



Fiercely loyal, determined and packed in a tiny frame—that is Kinsley.


She worked hard to prove herself as a guard and refuses to let anyone stop her. Even if her mother is her largest and most vocal critic.


Stinging from her failure to keep everyone safe on the island, she’s utterly shocked to be promoted to the Royal Guard. Now she’s even more determined to get everything right and nothing will stand in her way.


Expecting to be involved with battles for the realm and protection of those with Alterealm blood, she does not expect those challenges to be the smallest of the obstacles she will face.


But the last brother, newly returned to the Royal family is the one thing she couldn’t plan for.



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