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For the King’s sons numbering nine


Lives will change when new blood merges with those that reign. Without mates shall all sons remain until the time of the Huntress Queen comes to be.


At a time with lawlessness and chaos, to be bred the huntress shall be born to keep the balance.

Hidden in another realm she hunts those lawbreakers and brings them to justice. Her destiny is concealed until the time of her need is upon Alterealm. Neither of this world or her own, but of both.

When the marking unveils between her shoulders the sundial will validate she is the true and waiting to be found. The sundial will protect her from all manner of trickery and evil force and shield her from powers of all. Her beauty and skill of the hunt will win the hearts of the brothers nine. The Huntress Queen Daxx will stand equal with the throne and none shall fail to notice her right to be there.


Nine brothers must lay in wait for her to choose her King.

(Troy)True mate to either twin King if the bond be made, she must select one or the other that can hold her heart right. The Huntress’s reign alongside her King will change the realms forever controlling the evil of both sides and bring peace to the sun and moon.


(Chase)For our King not chosen a mate lies in wait, born of human blood. She will rule over his compulsion as no other could and bring him life times of eternal peace.


To build the strongest realm and reign through all ages of time, the brothers that remain will have their happiness found with only one destined for them and no other.


(Victor) The justice of righteousness will find when he’s not looking a woman that see’s all good and all evil from within. She shall hold a place in his heart as no other could. With his seer of truth at his side the justice will prevail throughout the years of time that remain.


(Michael) The keeper of peace will find his mate in a woman that is a champion for the meek. A woman without fear will bring justice to any whose morals falter.


(Leone) The warrior brother that holds all law in his hand will be tempted no more when his female can give to him that which he desires the most.


(Arius) Long prevailed the brother that controls thought will stand stronger when his mate that holds time is found.


(Rafael) The last brother of nine will stand stronger with his arcus mate at his side. Only she will be able to bring him the peace he’s long sought.








Together the brothers nine with mates of strength will rule and protect all of Alterealm and the other realities within their reach.

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