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Animal feelings were black and white, either negative or positive—not the wishy-washy, in-between, unsure emotions that humans felt. Fauna didn’t understand people, and communicating with them was very trying and frustrating.


Was she even a human herself? She didn’t know. Her housemates/sisters were a mix from other realms. She knew she was, too, but still hadn’t decided if she wanted to know what she was. Other realms. It was insane that they existed—but it also was the only thing that made everything else in her life make sense.


Overnight, her life went from the quiet routine of practically being invisible to all except those she lived with to levels of crazy that she was struggling with. She, along with her ‘sisters’ were supposed to be the solution for an evil plot trying to end all realms.


It was all too much for her to grasp. If she were a bird, she would fly away and never look back.



For fifteen years in his long life, Tim stood beside a gate on the Day King’s side of the Alterealm kingdom. Each day, he wished for something more exciting to happen.


He got his wish in a way he never imagined. He was assigned to guard The Huntress Queen. There was no looking back after that. Guarding an Alterealm royal was anything but boring. The things he had seen and experienced since trying to keep up with the high-energy, unpredictable Queen were off the charts of what anyone could fathom.


He loved his job but secretly hoped for a few moments of calm before madness accelerated—and it would, of that, he had no doubt. All of the royal family, and many from other realms, were to be part of some big battle—they just had to piece together all the parts to figure it out first. If they failed, the realms would be no more.



6 worlds work together to save each other.
J. Risk’s Realms Books span 6 different series with common characters and an ongoing, suspense-filled plot.
First Eclipse is the 14th in the Realms Books

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