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News and updates will be posted here when time allows.  

September 6, 2023

It's been a while since I got an update on here.  I'm blaming school holidays. My summer was a busy one and I'm very happy that school is back and I have more calm moments in my days.

Now to remember what has happened in my writing world since June...

The signed special edition hardcover of Animal Senses Series Volume 1 is available for order. All the details for that are

Several more books are going to be on Readict. Honor, book 11 Animal Senses - Dream Visions & Inner Reflections -book 2&3 of Mystic Gifts Trilogy and Cafe Serenity. I do not have dates for when, but it should be this month.


A few months ago, I received an email from a reader saying how much they enjoyed my books. Every author on the planet loves emails like this. She was concerned she was going to miss the next few releases because of how busy her life was about to get and jokingly asked if there was a way to read my books a few chapters at a time without having the whole book because then she wouldn’t be able to stop reading and would fall behind in her schedule.

I completely relate. It’s either read the entire book or not at all for me. But this got me thinking and searching around for a way to do something like this. I found it. On Substack I’m able to send out 5 chapters a week that the reader will receive in their email. How great is that?! 

It’s completely a trial-and-error learning curve for me, but I’ve gone ahead and started with the Animal Senses Series. For a small monthly subscription fee, readers can receive chapters each week to read when they don’t have time to sit down with a whole book.


I’ve also discovered another way to make my books available by subscription. On Inkitt. I listed the first four books in the Animal Senses Series a while back. I’ve just added the 5th Solace for the subscription service. I’m going to be adding a new Animals book a month until December to test run this program.

Subscriptions for readers is a new thing for me. I'm trying to learn the best ways to accomplish it, and hopefully will have it as a great alternative for readers soon. 🤞

If you're not on my Facebook
Reader's group, I suggest you give it a look. I can't explain that things that happen there. 😁  But there is another draw running right now. CHECK IT OUT

I will try to post more updates.

June 18 2023


It's been a while since the last update. I've been working hard. 

I didn't have any releases last month, but I used the time to finish a lot on my task list. Yay.


Concealed, Torment, Solitary Witchling, and Mystic Perceptions are now on Readict.  I can't believe the amount of reads them in such a short time. ❤️ Thank you so much for the comments and support, I love the feedback. 


Lined up to release is Magic Descends (book 2 in the Ancestor's Enchantment Trilogy) June 24th.  Honor (Book 11 Animal Senses) July 24. 

I just added the information and first chapters for Undone (Book 3 Solrelm Series) and Beauty (Book 12 Animal Senses) - there are some exciting things coming up in both series. 


Near the end of the month, I will have an announcement, and I'm so excited about it, I can hardly wait!


Now, I have to get back to writing - I can't keep up with the characters lately. 🤣

April 25 2023


Once again, I am behind on getting an update on here.  I have been playing catch up on a lot of admin tasks that have eaten up much of my free time in the last few weeks. (and doing taxes - yuck)


Torment is out!  It is available in digital format and paperback. It will be up on the Readict app in the next few weeks, and I'm working on getting it on the Bravo novel/Joy read apps. 


Today I received word that Readict wants to sign Concealed and the first book in the Mystic Gifts Trilogy, Mystic Perceptions. It will be at least a month before those are up on the app, but they are already up on Bravo novel / Joy read apps. 


I don't have any more releases until June 24th. I need a month to get caught up on formats and edits and stop to breathe. On June 24th, the second book in the Ancestor's Enchantment Trilogy - Magic Descends, will be out.  Pre-order links and the first chapter to check out are up. 


I am writing the 11th book in the Animal Senses series, Honor. This one is a doozy, and it's been a challenge to keep up with the things (I didn't plan) that are happening in it. I can't wait to see where it goes.  The first chapter and pre-order links are set up. 

When I'm finished writing this, I'll put it aside and do the final rewrites to Unveiled in the Solrelm series. (also, pre-order is set up, and first chapters are available)


I just have to say thank you to all the readers, on and off the app ❤️ I'm shocked and humbled that so many are on their 3rd or 4th read of the Alterealm and Animal Senses books. Thank you, so much.  On Readict Animals is at over 1.6 million reads now!  The Alterealm Series is over half a million and I have no doubt it will catch up to the animals numbers.  Thank you for all the comments and support, it means everything to me. ❤️❤️

March 23 2023


I haven't had time to update this in a month. It's been a busy, odd month for me. 

Concealed is out today.  The first book in the Solrelm Series and 10th of the Realms books.  Its hard to believe what started as a single book (Huntress) turned out to be so much more!


Workwise, I've been working on rewrites for two different series, which is always time-consuming.  Torment is ready now and will be out next month. I've posted two chapters of it on here.  Unveiled rewrites are almost done, I had to go back in and make some changes with parts that didn't sit well in the first draft. 


During all of this, I found out that my editor and friend of 11 years had passed away due to complications from a car accident. I was numb and very lost for a few days. It's going to be a huge adjustment without her. I tossed everything from plot ideas, blurbs, and promotional ads at her, and she always performed her magic, even when her life was in chaos. Without her, I would have given up writing years ago. I'm going to miss her more than I can express.  😥

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