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 Jacinda Brown keeps to her safe existence doing investigative research, avoiding people and places with people. 

   To most, it appears she has a normal life; blending completely undetected in her lonely continuation.

    She doesn't investigate people; she can't get that close. Through her hand she can feel emotions, thoughts.  

   With a touch she can see what has been.  

     Unfortunately fate tosses her into a situation where her carefully guarded secret and her own conscience are at war when she finds herself working with detectives to find a killer.  

   Jacinda clashes with the very strongly grounded detective, Reid Merritt, destiny has forced her to work with. 

   At some point he begins to matter, making her decision harder. 


  Will he look at her with abhorrence, like she's some sort of freak when she's through?


  What will be the price, this time, for the ability she doesn't want? 

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