What if your soulmate was born in a different realm?

The Alterealm Series is a paranormal romance in a fantasy, otherworld setting with plenty of action and fate to decide their destinies.

Book 3

A century of questions brought no answers.

A century always on the move, never aging and unable to form relationships, Alona has far more questions than answers. 

Absorbing emotional turmoil of others is bad enough: headaches, nausea, and blackouts are common. 

But the loneliness is a never-ending ache.

A bizarre encounter with a crazy-erratic redhead in a nightclub brings the promise of answers, if only she can open her mind to the impossible. 

Life will change in ways she never dreamed, or could ever imagine.


5 Stars!

This is a great addition to the Alterealm series. Alona wants to break my heart for what she has gone through but I love how she finds her place in this new world. She is a strong female character and not about to let the guys push her around.

I love this series and strongly recommend checking it out...

~J Bronder Book Reviews