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Reverence will be available on the apps and

Digital ebook 

 Print release TBA

If life were fair, Webb would have worked in the entertainment industry. He was sure of it. A smile and pleasant words went a long way in bringing someone a moment of peace and joy, and he liked nothing better than just that.


Life wasn’t fair, and at times, for his kind, it wasn’t just either. He was a shifter, as were all of his friends. They weren’t from the same clans, but to him, they were family.


He had watched lives destroyed all around him, and it broke his heart. One form or two, it shouldn’t matter; all could live in the same world and find happiness. At least that’s what he told himself when he wasn’t transporting women who were scared both physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. Or when he wasn’t taking men who had lived their lives with collars around their necks to a new facility to hopefully one day make them whole again. 


Life was cruel for his kind, and he had no other choice than to do his part to end that. For months, he’d been working with teams that were slowly shutting down the underground market that spanned worldwide, who traded, sold, and killed all types of shifters.


It wasn’t going to be easy, but he was in it until the end. After that, he hoped to find someone special with whom to spend the rest of his life, making happy memories and having good times.


Rhogue was a half-breed, but she didn’t care. She lived with the people that had raised her since she was a baby. They weren’t her blood, but they were family.


Most others didn’t like the groups she moved around with. They were drifters that did what was necessary to survive. It hadn’t been an easy life, but they all looked out for each other. 


Halfway through the winter, the leader of another one of the drifter groups approached the one in charge of her adopted family. The Shifter Alliance was giving them permission to live in homes as long as they helped them keep watch for traffickers after any shifter. At first, she’d been left behind and was told they would find a way to get her there. They didn’t know how the Alliance was going to take to a half-breed human that couldn’t shift. Rhogue understood it was their chance and had been happy to stay back until they came for her. 


That had been a few months ago, now and her whole world was different here. In all the good

ways. The woman who ran the factory had been very accepting of her and had even asked her to help out with some young girls she was responsible for. They’d been taken and kept on an island by the traffickers, and until they found the clan they came from, Blaise was in charge. She envied the fierce warrior woman. She knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to do something about it. 


A permanent home, food, and warmth, what more could a girl ever need?

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