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Refuge will be available on the apps and

Digital ebook 

 Print release TBA

Uri was tired. His entire adult life, he’d worked with the Shifter Alliance to run a team from various clans to gather information on those that held, tortured, or did worse to every form of shifter.


He came by his ability to hide and not be seen from years of experience. As a flier, his entire life was one big danger. Being caught, being eaten by something bigger, or even being shot from the sky, but none of those had taught him what he knew. His clan had left their area to find a safer location and he’d gotten left behind. To this day, he didn’t know if it was intentional or something that had happened in the panic of moving because of neighboring clans disappearing.  


After a few years of barely surviving on his own, he’d been found by a clan in Manitoba, and they took him in. Eventually, a new clan of his kind adopted him. He was grateful to them for it, and it was the reason he spent more hours in the sky than on the ground helping the Alliance.  All shifters, regardless of clan type, should have a place to call home. They should be able to live their lives without crippling fear, and he planned to help make it that way, no matter how long it took.


Oryn lived a solo life in the mountains. When she wasn’t in the sky riding the wind, she stayed out of sight in a small cabin so far off the grid that she didn’t even have power.


She never spoke to people or looked up when she was in town for supplies. Most of which she had to steal, but at this point, she was willing to do anything to survive. She strived to be invisible until the day came when she could get her revenge on the man who had destroyed her life. At his hand, she lost her parents, two sisters, and brother. The day she had escaped and flown from his reach was the day that had assured him a painful death.


While lurking near a clan of crown eagles, she’d overheard talk of some group called the Alliance and how they were going to save them all. She had almost lost form and fallen from the tree because they were so naive and ridiculous, waiting on someone who was never going to come. 


Years of tracking down her target finally yielded her his location. Now, she just had to wait and observe and figure out how to get inside and end that sick man’s life. No one was going to stop her from achieving it. No one. 

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