Jacqueline Paige's Booklist

  • Currently available

Hidden Senses Trilogy

  • Mystic Perception
  • Dream Visions
  • Inner Reflections


  • In Our Dream
  • From a Dream
  • After the Dream

After the Silence

  • Volume 1 Bree

Volume 2 Kane TBA 2017

Animal Trilogy


re-release TBA 2017


re-release TBA 2017

Passion TBA 2017

Ancestor's Enchantment Trilogy

The Witch Within

re-release TBA

Magic Descends TBA

Magic Seasons Romance

(TBA 2017)

  • Beltane Magic

Solstice Heat

Harvest Dreams

Autumn Dance

Winter Mist

Single titles

  • This Ring
  • Behind the Mask
  • Solitary Witchling
  • Cafe Serenity
  • Salvation

Writing As J. Risk

The Alterealm Series

  • The Huntress